24 7 / 2014

The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection is Free on Origin!

The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection is Free on Origin!

The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition is Free

Okay, so, Origin is not my favorite digital distributor. In fact, it probably isn’t even on my top five list! I know this is the case for many people out there thanks to EA’s image problem as well as simply not wanting another Steam-like program on their computer. All the same, they’ve been trying hard to push Origin as a viable platform…

Case in point, The Sims 2 Ultimate Collectionis currently…

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24 7 / 2014

Quest for Infamy Review

Quest for Infamy Review

Quest for Infamy Logo

Developer: Infamous Quests
Publisher: Phoenix Online Publishing
Platform: PC – Steam

Of all the classic adventure games of yore, the Quest for Glory series is remembered fondly by many. I was indeed a member of team Sierra in the past but somehow completely missed out on the entire series. Quest for Infamy definitely comes from a similar design mindset and as such is immediately liked by fans. But…

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22 7 / 2014

RUSH Review


Developer: Two Tribes
Publisher: Two Tribes
Platform: PC – Steam

Puzzle games are both my favorite and least favorite genre. There are always excellent titles to choose from, but some just end up being too convoluted. I wasn’t sure what to expect from RUSH since people don’t really talk about it… After playing it for hours I don’t understand how it was overlooked.

RUSH starts off simply. The basic…

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17 7 / 2014

Sudokuball Detective Review

Sudokuball Detective Boxart

Developer: Witan Entertainment
Publisher: Libredia
Platform: DS, PC – Amazon, Steam Wii

Sudoku is a game I enjoy playing because it only requires one player and is a good time-waster. It was the concept of Sudoku being paired with a story that intrigued me into trying Sudokuball Detective. In it, you play as a detective invited to a party. Suddenly, one of the party-goers dies! As the resident…

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15 7 / 2014

Fist of Awesome Review

Fist of Awesome Review

Fist of Awesome Logo

Developer: I Fight Bears
Publisher: I Fight Bears
Platform: Mobile – Android, iOS, Ouya PC – Humble Store, Steam

For better or for worse, sidescrolling beat ‘em ups have mostly disappeared from the modern gaming landscape. It’s up to indie developers to keep the genre alive with unique twists. Fist of Awesomeattempts to reinvigorate audiences by punching intelligent future/past bears. It’s weird,…

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14 7 / 2014

The Child-Like Terror of Among the Sleep

The Child-Like Terror of Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep Featured

Among the Sleep is a horror game that was Kickstarted to the tune of $248,358 in 2013. The funding campaign hooked me with the game’s unique premise of playing as a toddler. Although I don’t feel the game reaches as far as my hopes did, it certainly succeeded at being terrifying in a very unique fashion.


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08 7 / 2014

Ampu-Tea Review

Ampu-Tea Boxart

Developer: ProjectorGames
Publisher: KISS ltd
Platform: PC – Desura, GamersGateGreen Man Gaming, IndieCity, Shiny Loot, Steam

It’s not like I keep this a secret, but I loved Surgeon Simulator 2013. Sure, the whole concept was fairly creepy but for some reason games where you have too precise control over things entertain me. That’s the main reason I checked out Ampu-Tea. The developers…

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04 7 / 2014

Paca Picks: Hello Kitty Limited Edition Pink Dreamcast

Paca Picks: Hello Kitty Limited Edition Pink Dreamcast

Hey there and welcome to the first ever Paca Picks! This is a new article series where random tidbits of our video game collections (mine or Leah’s) will be showcased.

First up is the Hello Kitty Limited Edition Pink Dreamcast. This was a Japanese exclusive console that launched in 1999 – a year after the system’s launch there. It came in pink as well as blue, with both colors using transparent…

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03 7 / 2014

The Chaos Engine Review

The Chaos Engine Review

The Chaos Engine Logo

Developer: The Bitmap Brothers
Publisher: Mastertronic
Platform: PC – GOG, Steam

Now, I’d never played The Chaos Engine in the past but somehow the game always stuck with me. Thanks to the ‘remastered’ version on Steam I’ve finally gotten to play this Amiga classic. Although it might not be very in-depth, I found it quite enjoyable, if difficult. Just make sure to notturn on smoothing if you have…

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01 7 / 2014

Z-Run Review

Z-Run Logo

Developer: Beatshapers
Publisher: Beatshapers
Platform: PSN – Vita

So, what would you do when placed in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? Run! In Z-Run that’s exactly what you do. Playing as one of two characters you simply try to maneuver through zombie-infested streets safely. Of course, you’re still free to pick up a weapon or two along the way to make the trek easier.

After choosing to play…

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